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CDC Update on Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses Michael D. McDonald Group Post 01/23/11
leiderman-heas/mphise: compiled group correspondence, cholera Michael D. McDonald Group Post 11/08/10
Tsunami hits Japan after 8.8 magnitude earthquake Liliana Santirso Blog entry 03/11/11
> WHO: Cholera Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
ASTMH 61st Annual Meeting - Session: 134 Maeryn Obley Group Post 10/25/12
Help Mother Health International win 5k for their Birth Centers! Maeryn Obley Group Post 11/04/12
LOMA LINDA: University Begins New Program in Haiti Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 07/27/12
Maps of IGO/NGO/UN Presence After the Earthquake Michael D. McDonald Group Post 01/08/11
OCHA Contact List - Cluster Coordinators / Inter-Cluster Coordination (2 page .PDF file) Kathy Gilbeaux Resource 01/25/12
What prevention tips might stop interpersonal spread? Anonymous FAQs 11/14/10
"Aid sits as cholera spreads in Haiti" Anonymous Group Post 11/15/10
"Dual Citizenship" for the Haitian Diaspora - message from Albert Gomez Blog entry 05/09/11
"We demand the removal of the HRIC" Michael D. McDonald Forum topic 04/03/11
'Acute Malaria, Hypertensive Urgencies, Malnutrition, and Cholera' - Observations from Robillard - by John A. Carroll, MD Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 11/27/11
(GRAHN) - "Haiti-Santé 2012" - October 1 - 6 ("Haiti-Health 2012") Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 07/31/12
(PAHO) Epidemiological Alert: Update on the Cholera situation in Haiti and the Dominican Republic Janine Rees Story 07/27/11
1/23/11 PAHO/MSPP CTC-CTU-CRO lists Leslie Teltoe Group Post 01/27/11
10 AM -11:30 AM Sustainatopia Miami - Green Ecosys Mobile Cube - Water Desalination/Purification Solar Wind Generator System Albert Gomez Event 04/05/11
13 Cases of Cholera in Marmelade (Mamlad) Between Sunday 26 August and Wednesday 29 August Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 09/01/12
13 DEC - UN OCHA Hait Cholera CTCS and CTUs Snaphot Anonymous Map 12/16/10
2 Haitian children die from cholera in DomRep Leslie Teltoe Group Post 02/05/11
2 Survive Plane Crash at Sea Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 01/12/12
2010 Dec 07 Logistics Minutes and Situation Report AlMac99 Blog entry 12/11/10
2010 Nov 30 Logistics Minutes and Sitrep AlMac99 Blog entry 12/04/10
2012-2013 Bio Med Course in Haiti Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 08/05/12
20x 20 Tents Needed for Medical Group J Forum topic 02/11/12
23 NOV: CCCM Cluster Cholera Projections for Haiti Michael D. McDonald Story 11/26/10
30 Nov: X24 Haiti Cholera Crisis Convergence Meeting SDSU Viz Lab Michael D. McDonald Group Post 11/18/10
3W - Who What Where - OCHA Haiti - General Contact List Kathy Gilbeaux Resource 02/10/12
50-Year Cholera Mystery Solved by Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 05/29/12
56 year old man with diabetes Holli Griffiths Group Post 08/11/11
75 Cholera Cases Reported in La Saline, Cite Soleil, Clinic, April 24-27. Albert Gomez Blog entry 04/27/11
> Citizen Action Team Database List Janine Rees Resource 11/13/10
> List of Haitian Associations Abroad and support groups from the US, Canada and France (PDF) Janine Rees Resource 11/13/10
> Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) - Haiti: Janine Rees Resource 11/13/10
> Documents Index: Haiti Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
> First Do No Harm: Making Oral Rehydration Solution Safer in a Cholera Epidemic (PDF) Anonymous Resource 11/13/10
> Haiti Humanitarian Maps Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
> Haiti Humanitarian Response Web Portal (English) Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
> Haiti Rewired Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
> Health Map: Haiti Anonymous Resource 11/15/10
> Hygiene, Sanitation, and Water: Forgotten Foundations of Health. PLoS Med, NOV 2010 Anonymous Resource 11/13/10
> ORS - ZINC - Patient handout (PDF) - Kreyol: TRETE DIARE PITIT OU LA LAKAY OU Anonymous Resource 11/13/10
> PDC Natural Hazards and Vulnerabilities Atlas Janine Rees Resource 11/03/10
> ProMED-Mail Anonymous Resource 11/15/10
> Rehydration Project Janine Rees Resource 11/13/10
> ReliefWeb Haiti Anonymous Resource 11/30/10
A Call for U.N. Accountability for Cholera in Post-Earthquake Haiti Kathy Gilbeaux Group Post 04/06/12
A Call to Action for the Phase II Cholera Epidemic Management Initiative in Pestel Commune Michael D. McDonald Group Post 02/23/12
A Chance to Right a Wrong in Haiti Maeryn Obley Group Post 03/02/13