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The Second Anniversary


The second anniversary of Haiti's earthquake is tomorrow January 12, 2012.


Two years ago tomorrow, just before 5 PM, one-hundred and forty thousand Haitians perished in less than one minute. However, the earthquake did not kill them. Bad building construction did. 


And for the last 16 months Haiti has been hammered with the largest cholera epidemic in the world. There are 7,000 documented Haitian deaths from this preventable and treatable disease.


I am four hours south of Pestel, Haiti tonight. I plan on making it there tomorrow morning.


Pestel is located on the northern coast of Haiti's southern peninsula. Pestel includes multiple communes and has about 50,000 people over 120 square miles. 


A recent outbreak of cholera is killing people in this area. A few hours ago I heard from a good source on the ground in Pestel that there are 55 recent cholera deaths in that area...and there could be even more because the entire area has not been canvassed yet. 


If there is an internet signal in Pestel, I will post what I find.


John A. Carroll, MD

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