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Clone of Oral Rehydration Distribution

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Katie Rast
Joined: 2010-11-08

Suggestions from Dr. Ricardo Izurieta

 I propose the following control strategies in the area of oral rehydration:

1 Create the Oral Rehydration Units (ORUs) (needs to be translated to French). These ORUs can be stablished in a church, in a school, in a community house, even in a house of a health volunteer, traditional healers etc. They should be trained in how to prepare ORS solution, be stoked with ORSs, given disposable tea spoons, a few 1 liter pitchers. Basic cleaning material and a plastic flag that indicates that oral rehydration can be obtained in that place.
2 ORSs should be available everywhere, small retail stores are the best place to leave the packages available to the communities. I understand you will leave it there at no cost. To avoid small retail stores through those or store those and not placing it available for the public, my advise is to allow them to charge a few cents for the distribution work. Again ORS should be available everywhere even in small isolated towns
3 The Coca Cola strategy I already mentioned worked very well in the Amazonian rainforest distributing ORSs and 1 liter containers 
4 In places where there is no ORSs the homemade solution can be a good emergency measure. Be careful to give the patient also smashed banana to replace potassium. In remote areas it may take days to arrive to a clinic or hospital and hipokalemia can be live threatening  situation. 
5 Radio messages in both languages telling people where to find ORSs and how to prepare homemade solution in places where there is not available ORSs, are critical. Also, people should know how to rehydrate mild rehydration cases while they get professional help.