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Disaster Football - When GO's and NGO's Play "Disaster Soccer" - Who Loses Wins

submitted by Stuart Leiderman

here's the article, "disaster football," that I wrote recently with Dr. Castor,
and then we gave it to Le Nouvelliste newspaper for publication. French first,
then the English. surprisingly, they accepted it, and it appeared on the 11th.
we're starting to get responses, and he intends to use it in conversations with
the new administration about how to improve relations between government and the
NGO community. we'll see where it leads.

also attaching my original NGO newsletter from Oct'10 that's due for a second
edition, especially now with so many new characters on stage. you might have
some ideas for themes/topics. or an idea for an MPHISE Phase I or Phase II
report. power of the press, and all that...



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