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"Dual Citizenship" for the Haitian Diaspora - message from

To all Haitian-Americans,
The 49th legislative body of the Haitian Government has just ratified the "Dual Citizenship" law making all of us, formerly known as Haitian expatriates, bona fide Haitians with all the rights and privileges afforded to the Haitian citizenry, including the right to run for political offices. Here is the official press release, just off the press:
DE L' ASSEMBLEE NATIONALE: La multiple nationalite vient d' etre admise en Haiti par la 49 e legislature avec la supression en bloc des articles ( de la constitution de '87). 12. 1, 12.2, 13 14 et 15 (ce dernier qui se lisait comme suit "La double Nationalité Haïtienne et Etrangère n'est admise dans aucun cas). Votes: 84 pour, 2 contre, 4 abstentions.

Un pas historique dans les relations Haiti-Diaspora.

Alas, our voices for change have been heard and our wish has finally become a palpable reality. It is now our turn to share with our motherland our talents, our "know-how", the greatest available resources from which she can thrive on for a sustainable development. We are indeed the ripest fruits of Haiti's huge historical tree. Let's together pollinate its vast fertile landscape for a bountiful harvest we can ultimately share in the future.