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Greenwood Plumbers Answer House Call in Haiti

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Kathy Gilbeaux
Joined: 2010-11-10

Jamie Carter stands on the roof of an Haitian orphanage where he installed new water lines and lids on rooftop rainwater collection tanks to prevent contamination from birds and insects. / Photo provided by Jamie and Lisa Carter - by Vic Ryckaert - September 5, 2012

Jamie and Lisa Carter are Southside plumbers with big hearts.

. . . The Carters recently put their skills to use in Haiti, where Jamie built new bathroom facilities for nearly 40 orphans at the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince ( . .

They are seeking to make a difference regarding the installation and education of bringing fresh water sources and sanitation to third world countries. They want to start or partner with a nonprofit to improve the fresh water sources and sanitation in these impoverished nations.


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