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Haiti and D.R. Presidents will meet on December 14th to join efforts

Haiti President Rene Preval will meet with Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez on December 14th to "join' efforts

On Tuesday, December 7, it was announced that President Leonel Fernandez of the DR and Haitian President, Rene Preval, will next week will hold a meeting of the Haitian-Dominican mixed commission, whose theme will be a joint struggle and fight against epidemic of cholera.

Haiti Prime Minister, Jean Max Bellerive, said the they want to join the Dominican Government’s efforts to control the increase of cholera, in addition to evaluating all actions adopted to control the disease and the health ministries of both countries will work together to see how both nations can combine their efforts to protect their people.

Bellerive noted that this disease was imported to Haiti, now Haiti doesn’t want to re-export it to other nations and on both sides of the Haitian-Dominican border opened up cholera treatment centers.

According to recent reports, the cholera epidemic in Haiti has killed 2,120 people, and more than 93,000 have been infected.