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Haiti MPHISE Cite Soleil, La Saline Medical update: May 2-4th.

Per Aleda Frishman, We Advance, Haiti Director


Hundreds seen at Clinic over the last two days. Patients are very sick from drinking contaminated water, as heat swelters.  Even though the UN offers subsidised water truck, the trucks will only go to Cite Soleil if they are paid.  Most of the patients symptons are vomiting and diarrhea.  They come in very sick and most say they began feeling sick after drinking water.

Most of the patients seen at the We Advance clinic were Diarrheal Disease Patients, and not Cholera.

The Cholera patients have been quarantined in Sister Marcella's Cholera staging area one block down the street.


This is the current situation.

May 4th, Morning, Aleda quote: 

We were SLAMMED at the clinic this morning!!!