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Online Magazine Blog, Defend Haiti, calls out the UN,"UN Responsible for 5,000 Deaths, 300,000 Illnesses, Still Denying Blame"

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The United Nations has published a report that builds a case against itself for the cholera outbreak that has killed 5,000 Haitians, but then, in a questionable reversal, exonerates its own self of the responsibility.

The panel of four experts compiled the report in a span of time that took 6 months. Most would agree that the facts contained in the report are not new but the efforts of the panel and the U.N. to downplay them is concerning.


Upon the release of this report it was a questionable act in which the report had to pass through the hands of Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and then through the Haitian government before being made public.

This is questionable because an independent report, by competent experts, such as, Dr. Alejando Cravioto of the International Center for Diarrhoeal Diseas Research, should not need the approval of the likes of Ban Ki-Moon and President Rene Preval to be made public; especially if it is to be claimed independent.

The title of the dossier is "Final Report of the Independent Panel of Experts..." which the word 'Final' would usually suggest other versions preceded it. What were the revisions and why were they done? These questions only bring doubt into the actual independence of the investigation.

UN 'investigates' cholera spread

Haiti riots against UN heats up

Haiti riots against UN heats up


The report, characterized as an investigation was barely that as Colum Lynch, an insider at the United Nations questions in a Turtle Bay article:

"...the U.N. chief had commissioned to "investigate and seek to determine the source of the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti." The four-member team, headed by Dr. Alejandro Cravioto, head of the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh, never really fulfills that mandate."

Instead it concluded that the forces contributing to the spread of a disease-poor sanitation and a dysfunctional health care system -- were so varied as to make it impossible to identify a specific culprit. "The independent panel concludes that the Haiti cholera outbreak was caused by the confluence of circumstances as described above, and was not the fault of, or deliberate action of, a group or individual," according to the panel's report.


Although all the evidence, including the link between the strain in Haiti and that in South Asia, were published in the report the writers of the report failed to come to a conclusion.

A questionable failure as instead the blame was put on poor sanitation and dysfunctional health care system is not something that was cause by the earthquake of 2010. These have been the circumstances in Haiti for quite some time now and before this MINUSTAH base, Haiti was cholera outbreak-free more more than a century.

Subsequent comments and denials of responsibility has since followed the report. A spokersperson for the UN, Michel Bonnardeaux said "anyone carrying the relevant strain of the disease in the area could have introduced the bacteria into the river."

The UN's position is that the report "does not present any conclusive scientific evidence linking the outbreak to the MINUSTAH peacekeeprs of the Mirebalais camp." Why characterize it as an investigation?

There was no immediate reaction to the U.N. panel's report from the Haitian government of from President-elect Michel Martelly.