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Sitrep 2010 Nov 19 Cholera PAHO WHO 03 PDF

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Here's what I got out of this report, which I think may be of interest to the medical volunteers community:

·         Sitrep 2010 Nov 19 Cholera PAHO WHO 03 PDF Summary and Detail. (also attached here)

o        See the report for the usual statistics about really bad problems, getting worse.

o        Note discovery in the South East of a team_from_the_International_Center_for_Diarrheal_Disease_of_Bangladesh_(ICDDR) (There was some HEAS traffic regarding alleged loss of contact.)

o        Key challenges in this report, where I have ideas about potential solutions:

o        Problem: The_social_unrest_continues_to_limit_access_to_health_facilities_in_certain_areas_and_may_result_in_significant_mortality.

o        Idea: I suggest the journalists and human rights advocates, who are having no trouble getting into the places violently protesting the UN military’s alleged abuses of Haitian population, be asked to mediate medical worker needs.

o        Problem:

o        Insufficient_human_resources_is_a_major_gap_in_providing_treatment_to_cholera_patients.__It_takes_an_average_staff_of_130_people_to_manage_a_100_bed_Cholera_Treatment_Center_(CTC)

o        Idea: Have medical transport to medical centers in neighbor nations, where no lack of relevant staff.  These sites be quarantined from local environment, so the shedding goes into good sanitation.  When patients not only well, but also not shedding the disease, they may go home.

o        Problem: people_ are_ still_ scared_ of_cholera

o        Idea: Have audio-visual sign at entrance to medical facility … 0 cholera patients here, they have all been moved to nearest cholera treatment center.

o        Problem: Management_ of_ dead_ bodies is a significant challenge.

o        Idea: Deliver aid to local mayors, including education in appropriate terrain for various functions, which will not exacerbate existing environmental problems.  While families are waiting for word on their loved ones, have a next door educational facility provide cholera info, so that if their loved ones die, the result is not the rapid spread of the disease back to their family.