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Social Justice

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The mission of this working group is to focus on discussions about social justice in Haiti.

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Social Suffering in Soleil


Baby Boy (Photo by John Carroll) - by John A. Carroll, MD - - February 13, 2014

. . So what happened here? Didn’t you hear that things are going much better in Haiti now? I read it in the news. . .

We won’t be able to go to Soleil tomorrow. Too much shooting. Gangs against gangs and then the police come and shoot too. My driver Djongo does not play. He grew up in Soleil.

That is what Djongo told me a few weeks ago. But the next morning I talked him into taking me into Soleil anyway.

There were no gunshots that fine morning as we coursed through the Soleil streets near the general market where MINUSTAH and the Haitian police are located. Everything seemed normal. But the general pediatric clinic in the back of Soleil was only one-quarter full and the starving-baby clinic was one-half full. My guess was that the mothers were too afraid to navigate the streets of the slum with their babies and toddlers. So they stayed closer to home. Food and illness and immunizations came in second to the threat of bullets.

INTERVIEW - Haitian Democracy Depends on Scrutiny of Aid - Watchdog

by Anastasia Moloney - Reuters / AlertNet - December 20, 2011


A Haitian woman walks on a highway carrying a bag on her head on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince January 13, 2011. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

BOGOTA (AlertNet) - When the earthquake hit Haiti almost two years ago journalist Jane Regan, who was living in Washington at the time, knew she had to return to the Caribbean nation and watch where the aid was going.

Training local journalists to ask tough questions about how the billions of dollars of aid money is spent is a perquisite to building a strong democracy in Haiti, she told AlertNet, a year after co-founding a watchdog that reports on the country’s reconstruction.

“Haiti is trying to build a democracy, and without good journalists and a strong media sector you can't have informed citizen participation or accountability,” said Regan, a U.S. citizen who has lived on and off in Haiti for the last 20 years.


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